Ultimate 90-Day Guide to Starting Your Own Supplement Line

If you are a personal trainer or fitness fanatic, it has probably crossed your mind that having a job in the fitness industry would be a great idea. But why not turn your hobby into a profession? Would you like to fulfil your dreams of starting your own supplement company?

You can leverage on Amazon FBA (fulfilment by amazon) and learn how to private label supplements to start a supplement company, market it to the right audience and generate sales and profit. You can now fulfil your dream of starting a profitable business selling your own supplement line. Now,isn’t that exciting? Video link below explains the Ultimate 90-Day Guide To Starting Your Own Supplement Line.

Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbkwxH0wuEU

From the video, you will learn steps to create your own supplement company:

  1. Choose a winning product — Pick a product according to matrices and parameters to obtain a higher profit margins.
  2. Finding suppliers — Discover ninja tactics to source private label suppliers.
  3. Branding — Decide on company name & logo, product label, and USP(Unique Selling Proposition).
  4. Create Amazon FBA seller account — Steps to create an Amazon professional seller account.
  5. Create product listing — Procedure to get approval for selling in supplements category and creating a product listing for it.
  6. Sending shipment to Amazon — Step by step to create and send shipment to Amazon’s warehouse.
  7. Product listing optimization — Learn the 4 key components of a best selling product detail page.
  8. Marketing strategies — From sharing on social media channels to utilizing PPC advertising.

So what are your thoughts on starting a supplement company? It is not as tough as you thought it would be, isn’t it? I wish you the best of luck in starting your supplement business.

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2. Original Presentation: http://nimblestrategist.com/tsb

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