Michelle just got home. She travelled all day, and halfway into the night, she stands in her childhood home, tired, her mind full of a bed. She could smell what she was going to dream. She had already lived through the worst nightmare the other day. She blocked all the thoughts, and smelled the rosses in her dream, as she struggled up the stairs half asleep.
4 Paragraph Scroll.
Eugene Naulikha.

Thank you SouthPawPoet for taking time to read through, and for engaging. Yes, its very intentional. I’m just getting into writing, from a visual art background, so I treat a page, like one would a visual canvas. The words are like paint strokes for me. So with this particular one, I had a zig zag approach to it and the story fit into it, reason why it’s disruptive to the flow. Also, it had you engaging so guess I’m onto something. Bless.

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