The WordMobile. [ 1.0 ]

The Literature Car.

The Bic pen is becoming the homie, and the WordMobile is becoming familiar to my imagination’s terrain.

I seat at the back seat of the WordMobile, typing on Medium, Wondering when I’ll update mine to primium, so I can check what’s being offered as paid content.

But at the same time stuck at the WordMobile, doing dangerous speeds on the page. The words have the wheel. My mind works fifty fifty with the WordMobile. Dreamchasers blasing through the speakers — they just arrested Meek Mill. I wonder if I listen to the right people. But I know I’m just standing on a slab of doubt. All the best to him, I wish him well, he has added drive to my will through his music.

As soon as I’ve studied some SciFi, the WordMobile dashboard will have hand gesture controls and other ill tech stuff. But for now, Im hunting themes — the fuel to The WordMobile.

The words switch gears, and change lanes. Im following a drone lamp into the dark. The WordMobile tyres have grabbed the dark tamarc on a page. I’m gaining literature mileage.

No map too, Im reading everything I can land on — I’m letting my Imagination disguised as words lead the way. Im finding ways to build more road for the WordMobile. I fixed in the screen so The National Streams sometimes during food breaks. The Car doesn’t stop; ever. The roads are good here just like the new country’s ones. And even last time at home out West, the roads were smooth. It felt more like home — thanks to the government. Then I watched on the dash screen, people with their leader from the airport in the biggest masses. Then gunshots were heard. I pray for the country and scribe it into lirature.

This reminds me of Nas and Jay Z. Two black men, that put it down for the culture. Hip Hop, is arguably the Biggest Most Influential Movement on the Planet Earth. I Pray we pluck leaves.

Then Im watching this news on the screen and lucid dream with visuals, on what if the teams moved like Hip Hop moves.

Jay Z dropped the other liquor brands, cause Puff has Ciroc, on his latest 4:44 Project. And I bet they moved product in the millions. So my mind dreams up a visual prayer, where the Hip Hop bug bites the Political wave in the Nation. Regardless where your support lies, you’ll attest the forced working together would give developed more mileage on the development lanes.

Homie, I still play and read about the Obama and the Hip Hop era. It put a stamp on all albums ever made for me. I see how they move, and wish that for us. Hommie asked me how sure I was, to want to go make it out of the country in and make it with people of another world. So I pray, hommie, for real. For as long as we are blessed to breathe around family, we will find a way.

I jump to the front seat, grab the wheel, switch gears, hit the breaks and go for a U turn. All my weight insisting on the wheel to stay to the right. I made a wrong turn.

The ruber left marks on the wet tamarc road in the rain. The marks steamed in the rain in the red break lights. The WordMobile Came to a near stop, then took off again. I was headed the wrong way, im taking another thought lane on another page.