Sutherland Springs Shooter Member of Far-Right Neo-Nazi Group “Atomwaffen”

The following is my own original analysis based on the information I have collected, as well as previously known info from open-source intelligence gathering.

Based on compiled information, it seems quite likely that the #TexasChurchMassacre shooter was affiliated with #Atomwaffen, a secretive and ultra-violent neo-Nazi group.

One of the several ominous posts on the right-wing /pol/ forum of 4chan referencing an apparent event to occur on Sunday.

In the picture, you can see an ominous post that was more than likely made by the killer based on time stamps and accompanied by a group pic with an Atomwaffen flag.

Here is what Atomwaffen believes. In short, they believe in violent, direct action that energizes what they call “the Aryan base,” and agitates “the white race” towards a final race war through acts of terror and violence. They believe that terrorist acts will expose some perceived inherent pride among the white colonialists and lead to a bloody mass uprising that ends in the establishment of a white ethnostate at the point of a gun.

Atomwaffen is closely associated with #VanguardAmerica, the group that #Charlottesville murderer James Alexander Fields, Jr. was putatively affiliated with. There is significant evidence to believe that Vanguard America is a front recruiting group for Atomwaffen. This is based on intelligence reported by antifascist infiltrators that had infiltrated Vanguard America over the summer, becoming trusted members privy to information in the lead up to the August 12th confrontation in Charlottesville, VA.

A collection of private chat logs is available here, and linked within is a searchable database of Neo-Nazi communications that emphasize a preference for extreme violent tactics, including a “Boston bomber” style false-flag attack. It is assumed that this individual is an Atomwaffen member based on the group’s documented preference for violent acts of mass murder.

A member of “Anti-Communist Action,” presumed to be Atomwaffen, discusses a false-flag bombing. (source)

The same member later shared a private Dropbox account with materials for bomb-making.

Chat logs from Anticom’s Discord server showing a Dropbox link containing explosives manuals. (source)

Notably, a member of Atomwaffen was arrested over the summer in Florida with a homemade explosives manufacturing lab in his garage and several homemade bombs and other half-completed ones, along with active radioactive material. Another Atomwaffen mass-murder occurred in Florida when a former member massacred his roommates, also members of Atomwaffen, in a revenge slaying.

In the following archived 4chan threads, you can read for yourself the response from the residents, who are varying degrees of right-wing. Note the confusion between the two groups of casual /pol/ users (“shitposters”) and the more hardcore neo-Nazis who, clearly seem to be more in the know about the various right-wing groups. The casual users are themselves convinced that the shooter is affiliated with Atomwaffen, which should speak for itself. The heart of the beast, speaking from the belly, you might say.

Content warnings for the usual 4chan /pol/ stuff apply for the following links: violent racism, antisemetism, homophobia, etc. etc. etc.

It is worth noting that that picture and message is replicated in several posts in /pol/ at varying times. Unfortunately due to the nature of 4chan posts, it’s impossible to say for sure if it was the same person, but within individual threads you can at least click on user IDs and see all the posts by a single person.

Note the skull masks seen in multiple photographs.

See the following news article, in which a police spokesperson is quoted as follows:

“Martin additionally noted that Kelley was dressed entirely in black during Sunday’s attack and also wore a face mask replete with a white skull.
“He was obviously suspicious to others based on how he was dressed in all black,” he said. “He was wearing a face mask with a white skull on it.”

Refer also to this picture of an Atomwaffen member at a “protest” against the ADL in Houston, TX earlier this year, and reference the various pictures included in the 4chan links above for correlation.

A member of Atomwaffen Division at a protest in Houston, TX in front of the local ADL, wearing the group’s trademark skull mask.

Immediately following the shooting, there were multiple, coordinated information releases blaming the shooting on “Antifa,” the newest alt-right boogeyman, in what appears to be a social media blitz intended to center the conversation on the left wing. This is part of an ongoing propaganda campaign by the insurgent right wing extremists to paint radical pro-labor activists as ultraviolent “terrorists.”

Accompanying that is a questionable transfer of funds from an unknown source to the Daily Stormer, a well-known neo-Nazi online publication, and Stormfront, an infamous forum for neo-Nazis, and a subsequent disbursement in the same amount, less than 24 hours later. All transactions were conducted through Bitcoin, an anonymous digital currency that is often used for transactions where the source and/or destination needs to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

A Twitter bot used to track bitcoin transfers between known Neo-Nazi groups.

It should be more than obvious that not only is this an instance of extreme projection, but that it appears to have been a pre-planned act of violence to some degree based on the coordination involved. The typical mouthpieces of the “alt-lite” with ties to the extremist right wing, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec and others kicked it off, followed by Alex Jones on Infowars, who disseminated it to his far greater audience. Cernovich remains the originator of the initial claim that the shooter was a left-wing activist, which should prompt some questions about his own affiliations.

In particular, it would seem of particular interest that these affiliated parties gained, and spent, a large sum of money immediately prior to this event, an event that was followed within hours by a coordinated media blitz intending to smear the left wing.

The reader can draw their own conclusions from here on out.

As usual, analyzing any statements from the right wing rumor mill through a lens of projection and reversing them to point back at the right wing themselves proves to be an accurate and productive methodology.

Additional background on Atomwaffen: