You included @meteorjs in your post from January about JavaScript frameworks (which Meteor…
Jesse Rosenberger

Jesse Rosenberger, thanks for reading. There is no doubt that Meteor is a multifunctional and helpful tool. Most JS frameworks come with multiple neccessary/excessive features that they are often praised/blamed for.

However, this article is dedicated to more focused tools. I won’t call them “restricted” or “limited”, because still most tools can accomplish several tasks. Meteor is primarily recognized as a framework, thus to avoid confusion we’ve created a series of articles dedicated to JavaScript: frameworks, libraries, and tools (divided by categories).

Meteor was featured as one of the best JS frameworks, thanks to its contributing to better development process with extensive feature set. Guess that using it as a bundling tool ONLY is like drawing a rainbow with solely yellow paint, having a rich color palette at hand.

Hope I could explain my point. Thanks for your time.

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