Annual General Meeting of EGF passes without incident

The Annual General Meeting of the EGF took place last night during the European Go Congress. Beginning at 18:00 it lasted over 10 hours, with dawn breaking over the idyllic congress setting of Oberhoffen at 06:14 as the last man was assisted from the debate by trained medical personnel. During the meeting nothing of any particular consequence was decided.

After the initial address from President Smartin Smiassny, 12 people realised they were in the wrong room and left. 7 others wanted to leave, but were obliged to remain in place to represent their particular Go Federations. Several votes were then held, of which only one had anything to comment upon. The vote regarding the location of the next congress was close and had to be recounted, but the Irish delegate had disappeared to the bar, and had to be forcibly returned to the meeting. Several long reports were read out, and for some of these, individual sections were listened to by parts of the assembled delegates. At one point, a delegate from Romania asked a question. This had a stimulating effect on the meeting, and just over one hour later, the UK delegate also asked a question. Apart from this, nothing happened.