EWGC refused official recognition

The future of the European Women’s Go Championship (EWGC) hangs in the balance today after a startling decision from the EGF Board. In a move that shocked many, they declared that the EWGC was not an official event, had never been so, and would not be recognized by the board. The event took place last year in Anvers, Belgium and attracted competitors from many different countries. From the initial reports, it seemed that most people enjoyed the championship event, and had no idea of the illegitimacy of its status. Now it appears that a climate of anger and confusion exists amongst the competitors and organisers (both past and present) alike after the EGF board ruling.

We spoke to one participant, Aurica Lavram, who was particularly hurt by it all. “I’ve been playing in the EWGC for several years now, often receiving participation grants from the EGF itself to take part. I had no idea it wasn’t a real championship. I took the money in good faith, and now they are asking for all of it back”. Another seasoned competitor, Svetlana Killemovof, also expressed some displeasure, stating “They will suffer for this”.

Tournament Director, Wilhelm Wandspell, was baffled. “The Belgium Go Federation (BGF) invited me to run the event for them, so I did just that. Everything seemed normal to me. I suppose the first hint of trouble was when I sent off the results and got back and email saying “What the fuck is this shit you are sending to us?” but at the time I just shrugged it off, and put it down to a wrong window moment on behalf of the board.”

The BGF expressed surprise at the decision, their secretary Thomas Cononor expressed their distaste. “When we bid for and were awarded this event at the Annual General Meeting, we were given no indication of its false nature. We are angry to have been treated in this manner.”

At the time of going to press no official response has been received from the EGF board relating to requests for further explanations, but one source close to the board told us “The whole thing was just one bad accident. At some point, we believe somebody mixed something up when dealing the Pair Go Championship, and so this stupid event got created. Since it was to do with women, we hadn’t paid it any attention before.” EuroGoHebdo will keep monitoring the situation.