Irish elect Stray Cat as President

The Annual General Meeting of the Irish Go Association(IGA) took place on the evening of Saturday the 28th January in Dublin. In what was a surprising outcome for all members of the Irish Go Association, a passing stray cat was elected to the prestigious post of President of the organisation. There is little information yet as to how this outsider came to be selected, but various theories and opinions abound.

Fermanagh player James Boutyeson was supportive, saying “Sure fair play to the wee beast. I’m sure it will do a good job and keep down the mice too.”

Though Corkonian player John O’Doyle was puzzled, saying “How is it going to give speeches.”

Whilst outgoing treasurer Arthur Teachers was worried, saying “Who’ll pay for its milk?”

Outgoing IGA sec Carol O’Verseigh was more forthcoming in her opinions. “Sure weren’t they all out on the lash the lot of them. The new Secretary is called Urma [1]”, and I won’t tell you what they wrote down for the other positions. Wait till I get a hold of ‘em.”

The cat, who’s name is Trevor, was unavailable for comment. However sources close to Trevor told us that he was planning to expand marketing for the Confucius Cup, introduce a training weekend to improve local skills, and to introduce a new points system for international representation.

[1] That’s Gaelic for “Yer-Ma”[2] in case you didn’t know.

[2] Literally “Your mother” — a common form of tongue in cheek insult amongst the youth.

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