Romania vetoes new Go Clubs

A vote by the board of the Romanian Go Federation (FRGO) to block entry to three big new clubs has caused a real ruckus. Despite the apparent success and good health of the three clubs, numerous objections were raised at board level to their applications, leading to their unprecedented rejection.

The club Vişeu de Sus was rejected on grounds of insufficient evidence of activity. “I can’t understand their way of thinking.” complained Tatalin Caranu (5-pro). “We run a successful series of Winter Camps, host a European Grand Prix event, a Pair Go Championship, a Women’s Championship, what more do you want? How can they turn us down?” As the only player in Romania ever to reach the rank of professional, he could be forgiven for his anger at the way things have turned out. Yet this professional accreditation, far from aiding the application, was itself one of the accompanying issues in their refusal. The 5-pro rank was circled with red pen with an accompanying note from database manager Sorin Sorica which read “FRGO have no record of issuing this certificate.”

Hikaru Bucharest and Voluntari Bucharest suffered the same fate. Hikaru which is a club for children, was rejected as being too immature. Whilst Voluntari was deemed as simply a front for a money laundering operation, and not a Go club at all! “Why else do they keep asking me for details of the accounts?” asked FRGO Secretary George Borgia. “Don’t they understand I am good with money? They, on the other hand, they are not even fit to give şpaga.”

Mrs Borgia, non-playing board member and president of the Baicoi Club agreed, but went further in her admonishments. “FRGO needs Go Clubs with good characters, not ones with suspicious names and suspicious histories.”

The vote of the board was not unanimous though, for instance, Soacra Lucretia, representing some club we never heard of before, clearly voted against George. She told us “George is always coming up with something to give me a headache. It doesn’t matter who these clubs are, let them play.”

Faced with the final vote of 7–2 against them, it is not clear what action the three clubs can now take, nor indeed what their respective futures will hold. The President of FRGO was not able to give a comment, being somewhat lost for words. Social media is abuzz with contradictory opinions on the matter.