Pundits And Politicians Are Tacitly Admitting That They Lied About Russia
Caitlin Johnstone

Bill Maher may be the last person to let go of the Russian Hacking Hoax.

Bill Maher is still out there, still feverishly pushing the most virulent form of Russia Hacking narrative. He recently equipped, “the Russians gave him money, and he gave them America.” It is the most simplistic nonsense, but he believes it.

And why not? It was the official neoliberal Democratic narrative for over a year, and Maher is the perfect neoliberal Democrat: a millionaire many times over (like his favourite CA Democrats, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein), Maher is just concerned with his pet issues like pot legalisation.

Worse, he now longs for “the good old days” when we had Bush in the WH drumming up illegal wars that would kill millions. But Bill doesn’t care about that; he doesn’t care about the thousands and thousands of dead and wounded American soldiers; he doesn’t care about ISIS still slaughtering people in Iraq and Syria and murdering unsuspecting tourists all over Europe; he doesn’t care —George W. Bush is just fine with him, as long as he doesn’t have to watch an orange-faced idiot on TV.

He has been buddying up lately to Robert Frum (who invented Bush’s Orwellian “Axis of Evil” narrative) and other Bush-era conservatives and war criminals. Indeed, Maher is one of those execrable “Liberals” who sided with Dick Cheney when it came to the Russian hacking story (‘it’s an act of war’).

Maher even likes to reminisce with that insufferable neocon, Bill Kristol, who has been wrong about everything — and I mean EVERYTHING — including Iraq. I’d say this is like the lion laying down with the lamb, except in this case they are both just asses.

Maher is one of the most contemptible “celebrities” out there, because he gives such short shrift to Progressives while elevating mainstream Liberals and neoliberal faux-gressives. He likes to be the “bad boy” and attack Islam or defend Ann Coulter’s right to speak, but those kinds of things are just to pique his Liberal friends at cocktail parties. When it comes to being a REAL radical, when it comes to being REALLY politically incorrect, he fails. Miserably. He has shown time and again that he is more willing to attack, mock and condemn a real Progressive like Susan Sarandon with ridiculous arguments about “the perfect being the enemy of the good” and how “perfect is not on the menu”.

Maher can afford to accept the imperfect — he’s rich, after all. He can afford to be happy with incrementalism. He is tacitly accepting of the “Uni-Party” that Ann Coulter once described on his show — the one great party of money and wealth. Bill Maher loves that party, and he thrives in it. He gets to make jokes and take self-righteous positions on all sorts of cultural issues, he gets to be the happy SJW, whenever and however he wants — but when it comes to economic justice, when it comes to making life better for the working people of America, Bill could really not care less.

But he does care about optics, and aesthetics, and he believes in the elitist mantra that drives the Democratic Party. The belief that the well-educated, well-off, well-dressed and well-mannered professionals should be left to run the country how they see fit, and the hoi polloi, the great unwashed rest of us, should just shut up and let them do it. In other words, people should recognise their betters. Obama was such a ruler, and now, for Maher, George W., the Bush family’s Fredo, is also in that class. Yes, he took us into an illegal war and is now a bonafide war criminal, but hey, the Bush Family has class. And money. Lots of money. And in the end, that is all that matters for Maher.

So naturally Bill is outraged that a carnival barker with a comb-over is in the White House. His world has been turned upside down; this is not how it was supposed to work. It is inconceivable that people disliked Hillary so much. It is impossible that Trump could have won legitimately. The Russians MUST be involved. And so Bill must cling to this hacking idea with the same religious ferocity with which a Midwesterner clutches his Bible. Because to not do so would mean that there was no order in the world, and the adults were not in charge. And in this devout belief, Bill Maher shows himself to be firmly ensconced in the neoliberal Establishment that runs Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street and Washington DC.

In short, Maher likes to play the snarky Outsider while he is actually a dedicated Insider. Maher famously donated a cool $1 million to Obama’s 2012 campaign. You cannot do that and claim to be an Outsider.

George Carlin once famously joked: “It’s one big Club, and you ain’t in it.” Maher is now in it, deep in it, and he either refuses to see it, or he’s rich and famous enough to just not give a shit.

Which is probably what that Club is all about anyway.

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