So you believe that votes were rigged in the primaries but not the general election.
Donald Savoie

Sorry, I should have made myself more clear. I suggested that the voting machines were manipulated, in which case it would ony have required the collaboration of a handful of people.

In states where paper ballots and/or caucuses were used, the results matched the exit polls It was only in states where electronic machine votign was used that the results deviated so egregiously from the exit polls.

As far as absentee voting is concerned, didn’t the GOP have absentee voting in those states as well? And yet the results mirrored closely the results of the exit polls taken on the day.

And I am sorry, but the absentee voting canard is bunk. It is not enough to explain a 9% shift in the vote results.

And I am not sure about the lack of rigging in the general election. I think Jill Stein’s investigation into MI was already revealing massive problems when it was halted because Stein herself had no chance of winning in that state. It is still amazing to me that the Clinton campaign refused to take up the cause (they had standing and could have insisted that the investigation go forward).

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