You answered your own question.
Donald Savoie

Tell me, where do you come down on actual vote rigging? Here is some information I looked up:

  1. According to the US State Dept., any election in which the final vite tally differs fro exit polls by more than 2% must be considered illegitimate and fraudulent.
  2. In States which held primaries using machine voting, Hillary Clinton “over-performed” by an average of 9%, ofte reaching 12%.
  3. 2 of the 3 companies that manufacture these “black box” voting machines were big donors to the Clinton Foundation.
  4. The level of variance in the Democratic primaries should be evaluated in relation to the concurrent Republican primaries, in which the vote tally matched the exit polls as would normally be expected.
1 in 177 billion chance that it happened this way.

Something is fishy when you see this.

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