Yes, but that also means giving up those huge corporate donations and lucrative consulting jobs…
Jack Albrecht

Thanks — I added this to the article:


The current Democratic Party is nothing but a mafia-like money machine, in which candidates are treated like Soprano foot-soldiers: they need to collect money from their donors and “kick it up” to the Party bosses. DCCC backed candidates must promise to raise a certain amount of money from a certain (limited) amount of big value donors, and they must promise to spend 75% of their campaign expenditures on “approved” Media companies. It is a racket, and the only people who benefit are the consultants, media buyers, lobbyists and other parasitical “professionals” feeding at the Donor trough. This has to stop.

Stopping means getting PEOPLE engaged; it means depending on small donations; it means utilising volunteers and concentrating on GOTV efforts such as canvassing, rallies, conferences and other events. It means getting off the addictive gravy train of corporate cash and it means stopping the vicious cycle of fundraising and spending on lobbyists, consultants and mass media.

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