The Movie

Critics and viewers turn to praise the actors/actresses for acting so well or badly. But ideally the TRIBUTE should go the writer of the wonderful script. The ORIGINATOR, and even the whole production team for the hit movie. The DIRECTOR, ACTOR/EES, PRODUCER, WRITER… YOU are the greatest movie ever produced.Your DESTINY, LIFE, PURPOSE and everything about you is a best selling book and story that was produced before hand. God the father had an idea of you- the great movie, that he made on the world stage. so he set out to write the script making him the WRITER, CREATOR & PLANNER of this script. This script he based it on his profound self and nature JESUS CHRIST the SON &WORD of the father. and asked you to “act on/in” this beautiful script. He then release the DIRECTOR- Holy Spirit onto the scene to COUNSEL,HELP,ADVICE & TEACH you how to act out with excellence and to perfection. The writers’ desire is that through the directors leading & guidance you can act out with ease the script and bring praise to his name. But this requires you the actor to STUDY & APPLY the script. Amazingly the worldis waiting for you to act out your script. They will praise you the actor and that is what pleases the production team. Its Time, Its Now Get Up and Rise Up Act Now

copyright TILO@Gideonite300i

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