《Designing Design》5 RE-DESIGN

— — Twenty — first Century Daily Necessities 2

Art and design

I think that art is the expression when the artist faces the society, the foothold is very individual. While designer is basical no motivation to do self-expression. Its foothold is focused on the society. Solving the problem faced by most people in the society is the essence of design. In the process of problem solving — also the common sense or spirit that human beings can feel in the design process, and the resulting sensation, which is the most attractive place of the design.

In the word “RE-DESIGN”, it contains the meaning of designing for a thing that has a common understanding by the society. In short, making the “daily necessities” a design object is not weird, on the contrary, this is a most natural and most appropriate method to deal with human “common” problem.

*From 《Designing Design》


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