Sexpert : The Q & A sex session.

So as you would have figured, I and my colleague Dr.Alex answer the questions about SEX!

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With any further ado, we’ll just jump into the brief Q and A we had yesterday.

Q 1: After having sex four times a day, I feel weak the next day. My vagina hurts as well. Is my vagina small? My Bf’s penis is 5 inches long.

A: Well, sex 4 times a day can have that effect. I suggest you avoid sex until the pain goes away and use vaginal lubricants if the pain pesists.

Q2. My wife left me because my penis is very small(4.5 inches). How can I make it bigger and thicker?

A: There aren’t any magic pills to make penises bigger. You can try a vaccum pump but it can make your penis look bigger temporarily and may cause pain in a few cases.

Q3: My boobs hurt my back? What can I do?

A: There is breast reduction surgeries you could always try. Losing weight can also ease your back pain.

Q4: Will nipple piercing mean I can’t breast feed my baby?

A: You can breastfeed. I suggest you remove your piercing then though.

Q5: Can watching too much porn reduce my penis size?

A: No, but excessive mastrubation in some cases had let to decrease in penis size.

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