You know you’re an Erasmus student when…

  • You still call yourself a student despite not studying at all


  • Your grades ultimately don’t count in your overall degree
  • Partying on a Monday is completely acceptable, and in fact encouraged, even more than normal university. (This, in fact, applies to any day of the week)

Just don’t expect me to wake up the next morning and study! #exhausted

  • The Erasmus+ program is your best friend who finances your prolonged holiday

*I love you Erasmus, whoever you were*

  • You classify friends by their nationality

Tonight it’s drinks with the French guy, then we meet up with the Polish one…

  • Your language skills improve tenfold after a few cheeky drinks


  • You try so hard to integrate yourself into the local population but just naturally gravitate to your compatriots
  • You have to continue paying fees to your home university even though you’re not even there

At least Erasmus usually covers that as well (again, props to you Erasmus).

  • You learn a lot about other cultures, but not necessarily the culture of the place you’re in…

… and you end up practising English more than the native language of the location. You didn’t realise it would be so multicultural!

  • Every time you think about it, you get scared of returning the real life and university back home


  • You know that embarking on this unique adventure was the best decision you ever made

And you’d pack that bag and do it again in a heartbeat!

Did you recognise these situations from a current or past Erasmus exchange that you’ve done?

For everyone who has just started their Erasmus this year, make the most of it! This is an experience you’ll never have again 😄

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Originally published at on March 16, 2016.