Escorts Perth — 3 Sexy Flicks That are Way Better Than Swiping Through Tinder

Aug 22 · 2 min read

It’s Tuesday, or let’s say Thursday night, and you’re home alone with your Escorts Perth, with not much to do. So what do you do? Would you rather scroll or swipe on Tinder, or some other dating and hookup app? Why not do something much better, like check out a few of the sexiest movies of all time! Here’s a peek at a few of the sexiest movies of the modern era, many of which have been nominated in the Oscars too.

On Chesil Beach

Here’s one upcoming movie that you should check out by your lonesome, as well as with the hot and sexy Escorts Perth, and it’s titled On Chesil Beach! The film stars Saoirse Ronan as a young woman who falls in love with a guy, only to have her marriage unravelled by all the complications that come with sex, more specifically the pressure to have sex at your wedding night when you’re a virgin! This might not be your average sex-themed movie, but it would be definitely be one cool flick to watch!

Belle de Jour

If you’re in the mood for watching more classical sexy flicks, perhaps you should check out this 1967 movie, which stars no other than the famous bombshell Catherine Deneuve, and is called Belle de Jour!

The movie tells the story of an Escorts Sydney who decides to become an Escorts Perth during the afternoon. Belle de Jour is a sexy, classy and complex ode to female agency and sexuality, and would you believe that the famous Yves St. Laurent designed the costumes in the film! Cool!


Here’s a sex-themed film that would likely evoke memories of the 70s, and has plenty of Oscar nominations too. Kinsey stars the famous Liam Neeson, who plays the role of the iconic Alfred Kinsey, a well-known sexologist who literally spent his time studying people having sex with Escorts Sydney, in order to better understand the science behind human desire.

Now, doesn’t Alfred Kinsey have the best job ever? Check out one, or all, of these sexy flicks anytime, anywhere by your lonesome, or for a more fun time, you could watch it together with the hot and sexy Escorts Perth!


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