Best Practices for Netiquette

Netiquette is a term used to describe the respect others have for one another when posting online. It is a guide to having better conversation online and acting in an acceptable manner of communication through the internet.

Here are some basic rules to ensure you have internet etiquette:

  1. Do not spam, no one likes it. It is annoying, an invasion of privacy and even worthless. Spam usually displays deceptive content to people through emails to try to trick those who are naive internet users into purchasing fake products. It is all junk mail that no one wants to open once they see it.

2. Do not copyright (you may get sued). It involves stealing someone else’s work and stating it to be your own. It is illegal and one will be punished by doing it.

3. Stay away from any verbal abuse over the web (e.g, do not call names or threaten any violence). Remember there is someone on the other end, reading what you are writing, so make sure what you say is not hurtful or offensive to anyone.

4. Keep in mind that what you post is public, everyone will see it (e.g your mom, dad, cousin, and yes maybe even your …. grandmother)

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