Digital Divide

More than half of the worlds population does not have access to nor can afford the internet. Digital Divide may be based on these categories:

Global: developed vs developing countries

Geographic: urban vs rural areas

Generational: old vs young age

Economic: wealthy vs poor

Physical: able bodied vs disable

Who is missing from the web?

Many of those less fortunate cannot afford the internet, nor have access due to government restrictions (firewall)-blocks any foreign site (no Facebook, twitter or google)

According to the internetworldstats, Asia and Europe has the most highly populated internet users in the world whereas, Africa, Middle East, and Australia has the least users. The most connected country is Europe and the least connected country is Africa

How can we bridge the gap?

We can bridge the gap by giving access to the internet for everyone around the world. By giving one laptop per child, as for the non for profit kids can focus on their early education and be able to connect to the internet. There are different ways for affordable internet such as balloons for internet where a massive balloon is launched in the air where internet connectivity is extended to reach those are not able to access it. There are also loon for all, google venture, and other resources that are trying to bridge the gap of digital divide.

One of the biggest contributor to the digital divide in Canada is location.

What initiatives are being taken to overcome the digital divide?

Some initiatives are currently being taken to overcome the digital divide such as Facebook, free basics,, balloons for internet are ways that the community is trying to share and spread the access to the internet for free among the world.

Who benefits from people gaining access in disparate areas?

The people that live in those disparate areas are the ones gaining a benefit from the access to the internet. They are able to gain more knowledge off the web from information they could not retrieve with just their regular daily routine, anything that the internet offers such as social media platforms, the world news, and etc.