Original Success Kid Meme

Have you seen the picture of this kid before?

This meme originally started when the baby (Sammy Griner) was just 11 months old. His mother Laney took a picture of him on the beach with sand in his fist and posted it on Flickr. This picture was posted back in 2007 and went viral in 2010 with thousands of memes made using this image.

Source: Dailymail

This internet meme was called the “success kid” starring a young baby holding a fist full of sand with a face of determination. A couple years later, the baby was considered the most “famous” baby on the internet. Below showcases just a few memes made from the photo.

Source: Knowyourmeme

Above showcases the search interest for this meme over the last couple years. The year that this meme was searched the most was back in 2012. Most internet users would type in “success kid” in the browser to attempt to locate this picture of the boy or other possible memes. The trend increased and decreased overtime showing the fluctuation in the period of time this meme became infamous.

On the left showcases one of the memes made out of the original picture and it has over 1 million shares!

Source: Quickmeme

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