What to do when there’s micro- plastic in your salt

Many of you have read the latest research on micro-plastics being found in 15 brands of salt. Conclusion- our harmful waste is now officially harming us and probably has been for a while.

What to do…

  1. Throw away the salt!- It does sound radical however adding hormone- disrupting toxins to your food and feeding it to your family doesn't make more sense, does it.
  2. For now, use alternatives. There is natural salt in groceries and you might be amazed how herbs and spices can enhance food, add grated cheese here and there..just take time to experiment and be open. Finally, I don’t have to talk about the vast health benefits of giving up salt but the bottom line is that you have to understand that if you don’t protect yourself, nobody else will.

3. Finally, do something about it! Please sign this petition to the Food Standards Agency to change the situation for the better. Together, we can make a difference!

In the mean time,

Here’s the list for salt substitutes:

fresh lemon juice

wine vinegar

bay leaves

black pepper




soy sauce


and many more spices and herbs…

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