This is The Worst Part Of Living As a Digital Nomad

Living a nomadic lifestyle is the best and worst decision I have ever made.

I’m able to travel to countries on a whim, see what it’s like on the other side of the world and make a living while I do it.

I’m also alone, in foreign countries trying to continue the momentum in my freelance writing business and start a new one.

Remember your last best friend or significant other, how great it was to meet them and know that you had just found an incredible person to add into your life?

Now imagine living with that person for three weeks, spending 24 hours a day with them, climbing volcanos, exploring rain forests, swimming in new seas and having experiences of an absolute lifetime.

Imagine falling in love with that friendship or relationship and then having it all come to an immediate end.

One person has to go east while another has to go west. There is no promise of ever seeing each other again in your entire life. The chapter of your lives where you were together, is over.

Now, do that 50 more times.

I am emotionally exhausted from continuously “breaking up” with all of these incredible people, for no reason other than having to go to different places.

As hard as the break up is, the worst part is that nobody other than travelers can fully understand how painful this can be. When you don’t have anybody around you that understands the struggle you are facing, you can spiral into a very low place.

The most terrible poverty is loneliness.
-Mother Teresa

The worst part of the nomadic lifestyle is knowing that a good bye is always around the corner.

If I’m traveling, I have to say goodbye to my new friends forever.

If I’m home, I have to say goodbye to my friends and family for an unknown period of time.

And while I’m saying goodbye, there is nobody next to me going through the same struggle. I say my last goodbye to family and new or old friends and then get on the plane by myself.

Then I sit there, wondering why I ever decided to live this lifestyle in the first place.

Add the struggles of entrepreneurship on top and I can remorsefully say that I am on an emotional rollercoaster of great days and terrible days and it’s taken me one year to figure out how to deal with it.

Just keep looking forward.

I have put my full faith into the future, knowing that there is a reason I was called to this lifestyle and an incredible outcome waiting for me.

The nomadic lifestyle is hard, but knowing I didn’t give this life my absolute all is harder.

As much as the hard days can bring me low, the good days can make me soar.

And I have faith that one day, I’ll know exactly why I felt the need to choose this path.

  • I’ll know why I needed to climb that volcano
  • I’ll know why I needed to breathe in the wild air
  • I’ll know why I needed to fall in love with him

Until then, I’ll keep my eyes focused forward. I’ll focus on accomplishing my goals and continuing to follow the voice inside of me that tells me what country I need to visit next.

Because that calling is the only compass we really have.

And who are we to doubt its voice?