Why Jay Shetty Has 1+ Billion Views (Why He’s Succeeding and Others Aren’t)

Eva Gutierrez
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Passion is a consuming drive to learn more and continuously increase your skillset in something specific, regardless of your success.

This definition of passion came to me while listening to an interview with Jay Shetty at the Traffic & Conversion Summit this past week. Jay is one of the most viewed people on Facebook. He has acquired over one billion views on his content.

This is just the tip of his content iceberg.

His company creates content for Hayhouse and other major players in the self development space and he also runs a coaching business. After the interview, he got on a plane to NYC to meet with several publishers who are all vying to be the one he chooses to publish his book with.

Screenshot from my Instagram Story

Halfway through the interview with Brendon Burchard, Brendon told Jay, “Okay, time for some rapid fire questions.”

Jay nodded and the questions started to come.

Interviewer: “How many scene changes within a specific time period for a video?”

Jay: “3 scene changes per 9 seconds.”

Interviewer: “How loud should the background music be in a video?”

Jay: “60% volume.”

Interviewer: “How much b-roll in a video?”

Jay: “50–70% b-roll.”

Interviewer: “How long should videos be for specific platforms?”

Jay: “3–5 minutes on Facebook, 5–7 minutes on Youtube, and 1 minute on Instagram.”

Brendon continued to fire off questions and Jay answered every single one without hesitation and with precision down to the percentage.

When I look to define passion, this is what I try to put into words. As the face of his company and a seven-figure entrepreneur, Jay doesn’t need to know these things. He’s acquired a level of success that means he can pay people to be his experts and he’ll just remain the face of his brand.

Yet, he doesn’t.

Jay went on to break down his demographic by the country and by the percent that country makes up within the entirety of his demographic.

This is how I define passion — an all consuming passion to learn more and increase your skillset in something specific, regardless of your success.

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