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How this writer went from working to live to living to work

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Write Now provides a glimpse into how different people write for a living. Today's edition features Eva Gutierrez, freelance writer and co-host of the Content Writers Mastermind.

Who are you?

I’m Eva Gutierrez, a freelance content marketer and writer and the co-host of the Content Writers Mastermind. I’m based in Los Angeles, California.

What do you write?

I write marketing and business-related content for several clients, topics I absolutely love deep diving into to curate the best content possible for my clients’ customer avatars. …

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Content writers are voices that touch the masses.

On a regular basis, we’re creating content for people from all over the world to consume. We’re in every industry, and we’re always showing why what we’re talking about works.

Which means we have a great responsibility.

As brain coach Jim Kwik flipped around, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

And that’s what content writers have. We have great power — we have hundreds of thousands to millions of people reading the content we create for our clients and their businesses. This means: We have a huge responsibility to do it right.

One of the best ways content writers can continue moving the #BlackLivesMatter movement forward is to keep talking about BIPOC in our articles. …

It’s not as hard as you think it is.

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When I first started as a content writer I made $25/1,000 word article.

I know, I know. But I was new to the game and aware that I had to work my way up to be able to make a full-time living as a writer. Without a huge resume, I had to take whatever job I could so that I could make my Upwork profile look like I’d been doing this for a while.

My strategy worked. I used Upwork exclusively to find clients for two years, between 2016–2017. In those two years, I worked with over 50 clients and wrote as much as I possibly could for each one. …


Eva Gutierrez ✍🏼

Marketing writer | Based in LA → https://www.eva-gutierrez.com/newsletter

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