Taco Bell’s new logo is dumb and ugly, just like their old one.

This is probably one of those things where no one cares what I think about it, but I have to say it anyway: The new Taco Bell logo is dumb as hell.

I mean, not entirely, but mostly. I appreciate the move to a cleaner, more concise bell. The typeface however, leaves a lot to be desired. That looks like a 90’s airline logo or something. Complete trash.

The new logo is good though, because it brings attention to their old logo. I hadn’t really taken a good look at it in a while, but it’s also super ugly. That color scheme is atrocious. I can’t believe anyone ever thought that looked good.

This change is just the latest attempt at rebranding fast food restaurants as cool, modern, eating establishments. Wendy’s and Arby’s recently made changes too (with better success). Taco Bell is straying too far from their roots. No one thinks you’re some cool bistro. You’re just where I go to to steal hot sauce to put in my ramen. Do better Taco Bell.

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