Things I Could Have Done Instead Of Listen To Megadeth’s “The World Needs A Hero”

“The World Needs A Hero” is 57 minutes and 49 seconds long. What should I have done in that time instead?

To date, Megadeth has released 15 full length albums, which is probably 10 more than you thought honestly. It stands to reason that they’re not all going to be good, but one in particular stands out as not good and also very boring.

It’s like the old saying; time wasted… doesn’t come back or something. The World Needs A Hero was boring and underwhelming. It definitely wasted my time. I’m going to look back and see what I could’ve done with that time instead.

1. Listen to a better album

This one is obvious, right? “Return To Hangar” is one of the only passable tracks on the whole album, and I feel like it’s only purpose is to remind people that Megadeth used to be really good. Halfway through the song I just give up and go listen to Rust In Peace. I wish I had done that the first time.

2. Watch two episodes of Frasier

I haven’t seen all of Frasier yet. My time would be best served catching up, and I wasted it listening to Dave Mustaine’s angsty break up songs. I probably could’ve watched another half-episode too. Damn, missed opportunity.

3. Listen to The World Needs A Hero, but skip over 1,000 Times Goodbye

This is by far one of Megadeth’s worst songs, and it’s more than six minutes long. If it didn’t exist I probably wouldn’t have written any of this to be honest.

4. Watch Baseball

Would I rather watch July baseball than listen to more early 2000’s Megadeth? Actually probably not. So I guess there’s that.

5. Review a 15 year old album

I mean, I guess I’m doing that right now. So yeah, uhh don’t listen to it. 4 stars out of 10.