Can salespeople sell like Steve Jobs did? If so, what were his 10 best sales competencies?

I read the Steve Jobs biography and although he was a very talented designer, innovator and inventor, it was clear to everyone who worked with him, and even to Jobs himself at the end of his life, that he was an asshole. A simply horrible human being. Despite his miserable people skills, he was on a mission to design products which would change the world. But, Steve was also a great salesperson and this article discusses ten things about Steve Jobs, the salesperson, which you might want your salespeople to emulate.

1. Preparation

2. Determination

3. Slide Decks

4. Charm

5. Negotiation

6. Building Value

7. Understanding

8. Creating Trust

9. Fearless

10. Showmanship

Read more at: http://www.evancarmichael.com/library/dave-kurlan/10-Sales-Competencies-of-Steve-Jobs.html

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