by: Kathleen Gage

You’ve been thinking of writing a book for years. You’ve heard writing a book is a must-do for experts; especially in crowded markets. Yet, every attempt to write, let alone get a book done, has ended up in writer’s block and frustration. The fact is, writing a book IS simple. Not necessarily easy, but simple nonetheless… when you have the formula.

1. Avoid setting yourself up for failure

2. Make a believable commitment

3. Create a list of ideas you can write about

4. Start with 250–500 words per sitting

5. Schedule your writing time

6. Make writing a part of your daily routine

7. Make a public announcement

8. Blog your book

9. Set weekly goals

10. Get the cover designed as soon as possible

Read more at: http://www.evancarmichael.com/library/kathleen-gage/10-Ways-to-Get-Your-Book-Done.html

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