by: Arvind Rongala

Businesses around the world claim to deliver exceptional customer service but in reality their customers might not be as satisfied as it would seem. Companies can gain a huge advantage over their competitors if they manage to provide great customer experience. For Entrepreneurs who are just starting out and are looking to increase their conversion rates, customer service is one of the determining factors of their company’s success. An American Express survey found that close to 78% of customers did not complete a purchase transaction because of bad service experience. Before launching a marketing campaign, Entrepreneurs need to have a better understanding of their customer’s expectations in order to be able to provide the best possible customer service.

1. Keep Promises 
2. Hire the Right Employees 
3. Having a Complaint Handling System in Place 
4. Build a Culture around Offering Great Service 
5. Planning for Mistakes 
6. Venture outside the Comfort Zone 
7. Make Customer Service Fun and Rewarding

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