By: Michael Hurwitz

Yet another application submitted — and yet another rejection, followed by more disappointment.

And not because of typos or resume formatting issues; not due to a lack of experience or education — but because the resume simply did not stand out from the hundred others submitted.

Yes, that resume contained all the phrases they see in nearly every resume: clichés like “detail-oriented”, “hard worker” and “team player.” It dutifully listed every responsibility at every job. But to get noticed by a recruiter today — and get that interview — you must show:

Your impact at past positions

Your current potential

Your ability to fit in with the existing team

Your ability to positively affect the bottom line of the organization

To do all of that, include these seven power words, phrases, symbols and numbers in your resume:

1. Numbers, ‘%’ and ‘$’

2. Collaborated

3. Leadership

4. Written and Oral Communication

5. Problem Solver

6. Self-Learner

7. Every Relevant Acronym and Keyword

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