We Like Cars

“What is your most favorite memory?” “Hitting boost in my civic.” Carlos Ramirez was my partner for the Humans of Prospect assignment in creative writing, Carlos and I enjoy a lot of the same things, such as hitting boost in a civic, or even drifting around a corner. “I would probably want to have Paul Walker as a dinner guest just because he has always been so influential to me, ever since the first movie came out he has always been a hero to me.” Carlos said that’s would want the late Paul Walker as his dinner guest, for those of you who don’t know, Paul played in the fast and furious movies, up until his recent death in a car accident. A quote from Paul stated “If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.” I think Paul would tell Carlos this if they had dinner together because it is better if someone dies enjoying themselves than being unhappy. If Carlos were to be famous he would want to be known as a rally driver, i would agree with Carlos in this situation because rally drivers are very daring people, and they know how to drive very well, rally racing is one extreme sport that we would both want to be a part of. Neither one of us rehearse what we’re going to say before making a phone call, mainly because we don’t really make any phone calls. A perfect day for Carlos would be not having to go to work, and I agree with him, he would want to be with his friends and he would want to be hanging out having a good time. Carlos can’t remember the last time he sang to himself or someone else, I however sing to and with people when I’m at work because if you’ve ever been to Menards, you would know that they have the best playlist. If he could have the option to keep his body or mind young, he would choose to keep his mind young and sharp. Carlos and I have many things in common, to name just a few we both enjoy cars, let alone the same kind of cars. We like going to car meets and meeting new people and looking at other peoples cars, finally we both have fun cars and we both drive them like we stole them. If he could gain any one quality it would be to be a world renowned rally driver. In conclusion, Carlos is a very chill guy and we are going to be friends for a long time.