Schaap and the Auto Shop

One place that I experienced a strong emotion in school was in the auto shop, I remember the first time I walked in with a question for the teacher and I had my car with me. Mr. Schaap was sitting at his desk on his computer and I had a question about why my truck kept dying at red lights, I was not very happy with my truck because I want it to run well and dying isn’t very good and it’s quite embarrassing. So I asked Schaap why he thought this was happening, I remember right at this moment the air compressor turned on with a big whoosh then a whirring sound, and we had to speak louder in order to be able to hear each other and ourselves. He told me that I needed to clean out my throttle body, so I pulled my truck into the shop and we opened the hood, when we too the throttle body out it was caked with brown and black specs of dirt that smelled of dirt and smoke. I knew that this wasn’t a good thing and I had a can of sea foam spray in my truck so I asked Schaap if we could put some of it in my truck and he agreed, so we turned the truck on and started to spray the liquid into the throttle body, after the whole can was emptied, we turned the truck off and let it soak into the motor. After about fifteen minutes we turned the truck on outside and tons of billowing white smoke poured out of the exhaust,I knew that meant that the sea foam was working. After about a few weeks Schaap asked me how the truck was running and I said that it hadn’t died since we cleaned and sea foamed it, and I thanked him for probably the 100th time, he said it was no problem at all and anytime I needed help just to let him know.