$120,000 In FREE Marketing Budgets Most Nonprofits Are Squandering (Every Year)

A few years back, when I learned of the Google for Nonprofits program and support tools, I almost fell out of my chair.

As the Founder & Executive Director of an emerging nonprofit arts organization, the implications of the program for our ability to get the word out were massive.

Free apps & email for our entire organization plus $120,000 annually to spend on PCC advertisements on Google.

That’s right, $10,000 per month, $120,000 annually, to spend driving traffic to our website.

Any marketer who has toiled in the world of pay per click advertising knows what this means. It’s as good as cash when it comes to marketing budgets in the world of digital advertising.

At IPaintMyMind, we can’t use the grant like cash, but our account never gets charged. Any for-profit company or organization would have to pay cash money for those ads on Google.

Over the past few years we’ve optimized our grant and are now spending our entire $10,000 allotment every month to drive traffic to our high value pages that drive our mission, like our programs, about, donate, and content pages.

In fact, we’ll soon ask for an account review so we can be bumped up to Google Grants PRO, which is $40,000 monthly or $480,000 annually.

If you’re jaw just hit the floor, I get it. And you’re right, I did indeed just say that if you click the link below and register your organization, it could mean half a million dollars to spread the word about your mission every year.

What’s more, the grant has allowed us to reverse our outreach to a greater degree in that companies and organizations are finding us through searches in Google, as opposed to having heard about us via word of mouth. Potential partners are starting to come to us.

If your nonprofit isn’t using Google for Nonprofits and Google Grants yet, you need to. Click the link below to help your 501(c)(3) organization start making the most of these important resources.

Resources like these can’t go unused. Your mission depends on it.