Basketball-Related Games

A former assistant coach with Harvard University’s Division-1 football team, Evan Loring is now working in the information technology sector at Congruity, LLC, in Pembroke, Massachusetts. An avid sports fan, Evan Loring enjoys playing basketball in his leisure time.

Basketball is played five-on-five at the professional level, though the game is commonly played three-on-three on street and indoor courts around the world. However, there are several mini-games involving only a hoop and a ball that as few as two people can play.

H.O.R.S.E., One of the most popular games, can be played by just two people. The object of the game is to make difficult shots from anywhere on the court. If your opponent cannot replicate your shot, he or she receives a letter. The first player to spell out the word “horse” loses. Another popular game is Knockout, also referred to as Bump or Gotcha, wherein players line up behind the free-throw line and attempt to avoid elimination by making their shot before the person behind them does.