Cold War Kids Releases LA Divine, Their Sixth Studio Album

An accomplished IT and business professional, Evan Loring is the senior cloud solutions manager at Congruity in Pembroke, Massachusetts. For recreation, Evan Loring enjoys listening to music and counts Cold War Kids among his favorite bands. Recently, the band released its sixth studio album entitled LA Divine.

Like other albums in their discography, LA Divine is filled with the Cold War Kids’ trademarks of a blues-rock sound and meaningful lyrics. The main aspect that distinguishes this album from others is its focus. As the name LA Divine implies, much of the album serves as a tribute to Southern California, the band’s home turf. The album seems to combat the traditional views of Los Angeles and instead paints it as a place of inspiration and authenticity.

From the opening song, Love is Mystical, LA Divine pulls listeners in with upbeat piano riffs and heartwarming lyrics. In true Cold War Kids fashion, however, the idea of happiness is immediately put into question with two songs that explore the more painful aspects of love. The inclusion of more experimental tracks on the record, such as Wilshire Protest and LA River, show longtime fans that the band is still pushing into new territories.