Pearl Jam’s Influence Recognized by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Evan Loring serves as senior director at Congruity, an IT solutions company based in Massachusetts. In this role, he reviews support and maintenance costs for large enterprises and assesses manufacturer offerings on their behalf. Aside from his professional responsibilities, Evan Loring is a fan of Pearl Jam, a rock group with origins in Seattle, Washington.

Pearl Jam, known for its unique grunge sound, is one of the most influential alternative bands of the 1990s. The group, led by iconic lead singer Eddie Vedder, launched into stardom in 1991 with its debut album, Ten. The album sold 13 million copies and featured iconic songs such as Alive and Jeremy.

Throughout the 90s, Pearl Jam continued to record and was also known for its unpredictable live shows. Though the band’s popularity waned after the 90s, its influence did not. In 2006, the group released a new album entitled simply, Pearl Jam.

On April 7, 2017, 25 years after the release of Ten, Pearl Jam will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rock legend Neil Young will bestow the honor on members of the band at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.