SCCA Partners with Track Night in America

Evan Loring is a senior manager at Congruity, a Pembroke, Massachusetts-based firm offering IT budget advisory and management services for major enterprises. A former collegiate athlete and assistant football coach, Evan Loring continues to play sports including football and basketball and is involved in auto racing through the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA).

In 2017, the SCCA will expand access to its popular Starting Line driving instruction program by partnering with Track Night in America, an easily accessible event series providing a fun, safe, and inclusive introduction to track driving for car enthusiasts across America. At Track Night in America, drivers need only a valid driver’s license, street car, and helmet to participate in three 20-minute course sessions, with groups designated for specific skill levels to ensure a good time for all. Drivers receive feedback from SCCA coaches, and those wishing to view the fun from afar are welcome to attend for free.

Now, Track Night in America participants will have the chance to further hone their driving skills via the SCCA’s educational track driving program. Now in its fourth year, the Starting Line school provides a technical introduction to the world of autocross and performance driving, focusing on topics such as car control, track driving etiquette, and event preparation. The Track Night Starting Line partnership will give students a chance to test their skills in a controlled track environment with the guidance of an instructor, and it will also feature conceptual “Chalk Talks” demonstrating the finer details of performance driving.