Three Weightlifting Tips for Beginners

Formerly a receivers coach for Harvard University’s football team, Evan Loring currently works as a senior manager for Congruity, where he manages IT budgets for large enterprise corporations. Outside of his professional life, Evan Loring likes to stay physically active with various exercises and activities, including weightlifting.

Hitting the weights is crucial if your goal is to bulk up and gain more muscle. Whether you simply want a lean, toned body, or your dream is to become a hulking bodybuilder, these three tips will help you have a successful start to your new hobby.

1. Warming Up — Stretching before you lift weights will help loosen your muscles and increase your range of motion. Add cardio to your warm up routine to elevate your heart rate and further prepare your body for the coming workout.

2. Technique — When lifting weights, proper technique is crucial in helping you avoid injury. Take the time to learn exactly how to use a specific machine or weight before attempting it. Always pay attention to your posture, as poor posture is a sure sign of poor technique.

3. Rest — Giving your muscles time to recuperate after a strenuous workout is just as important as the workout, itself. Give each muscle group you exercise at least 24–48 hours to rest before working it again. To prevent yourself from overdoing it and burning out, consider starting with just two days a week, then slowly adding more.