Tom Brady — Unique Among NFL Quarterbacks in Longevity of Success

A Pembroke, Massachusetts, technology professional, Evan Loring developes annual IT budgets for enterprise corporations. Passionate about sports, Evan Loring has played basketball, football, and baseball, and considers the New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady one of his favorite athletes.

Now approaching 40, Brady enjoyed his best season ever in 2016, including the biggest ever comeback in history to secure his team Super Bowl victory. Brady has already indicated that he will come back for another season and from the perspective of maintaining league-leading performance he is unique among quarterbacks who maintained similar longevity.

At age 39, Warren Moon achieved 33 touchdown passes, but he also threw 14 interceptions en route to a .500 season. Warhorses Steve Young and John Elway did not post numbers in the range of Brady’s 35 touchdowns, 108.6 passer rating, and 14–1 record at the same age.

Brett Favre may have had somewhat comparable success to Brady at age 39, but one major difference stands out: Brady achieved 28 touchdowns and only two picks to set a new NFL record in 2016, while the 39-year-old Favre had a 1–1 TD-to-INT ratio and led the league in interceptions.