If you’re afraid of a particular group, you can’t be allowed to police them.

No matter what “side” you’re on, color you are or who you identify with, is it possible that we all can agree that it’s time to overhaul the psychological screening and training of police officers? For example, if you have an inherent FEAR of a particular group of people, you simply SHOULD NOT be tasked with policing that group of people. If that deems you unqualified, so be it.

There’s such a small percentage of actual “bad apples” in the police departments and if I were an officer I’d demand those who are not fit for duty to be weeded out. Wouldn’t you? And again, if you’re TERRIFIED of a specific group of people, you’re simply not qualified. Can that even be argued? Can that be tested? I’m asking…

I’m truly interested in hearing what people have to say about this because everybody can be upset or defend or protest or whatever but what’s the next step? What’s the plan? Change has to start somewhere, right? Raising more awareness? That doesn’t work.

I almost feel like I have to end with a disclaimer: I’m one of the few people who understands just because you believe in one thing, does not mean you can’t simultaneously believe in another. For example, I’m equally saddened when an innocent civilian gets killed by a cop just as much as when a cop is killed by a civilian. They’re both people. I’m not black and I’m not a cop so I can’t feel that heightened kinship and camaraderie that others do but I still think it’s wrong. Another disclaimer: I don’t believe in not standing for the flag and I will always stand during the anthem because I’m the grandson of two WWII vets (one who was awarded a purple heart and jumped out of airplanes while being shot at to ensure my freedom) that truly fought for our country and when I see that flag, I see their sacrifice. I also believe this is greatest country in the world and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. In the same breath, I’m also fine with Kaepernick’s MESSAGE (not method), his right to protest and I don’t even mind him or anyone else kneeling.

If you just read this post and think I’m on the fence and I should “pick a side”, you’re who really needed to see this today.


- Evan, a guy who has both white and black family members and loves all of them deeply.