Odbijen ((20))

<<Surprising, how the meek and small and powerless manage to survive hough those with the odds stacked overwhelmingly in their favour are defeated.>>

<<Strange, isn’t it? One would think that strength conquers all, but, it seems that in the end, it’s quite the opposite. Then again, one may never know…>>

<<Mighten’t it depend on the circumstance? What if some of the time it is how one thinks it should be, and other times it isn’t? And even then, what about the countless other options and results?>>


Author’s Note: This, so far, is the last piece of Odbijen. Yes, the story remains inconclusive. Please, if you are not satisfied with the so-called outcome, feel free to imagine your own ending, or, if you feel so compelled, post your own version of the ending here…

Thank you for reading!

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