Becoming the client expert and designing a customer-focused online business strategy

In the fall of 2018, Teton Sports hired Fuel Marketing to help redesign their eCommerce website and because of my help while an intern, I was hired to help the developer design the site more strategically and smoothly.

As the principle designer and UX specialist, I worked alongside the internal account manager and web developer. I also participated in all meetings with the client’s head of marketing and creative director.

The Challenge

Teton Sports is an outdoor brand that makes great quality products—like sleeping bags, tents and backpacks—at a great price. …

A More Efficient Rating Tool to Protect Analyst Sanity

The Job

As an interview analyst, I helped provide insight used to train a new AI model to better recognize personality traits. My fellow interns and I spent most of our time interacting with a very basic web tool watching specific videos and submitting evaluations based on a very detailed behaviorally anchored rating scale (BARS) provided by the internal I/O Psych and science teams.

For our feedback to be most valuable, we spent time before each section talking with a psychologists to calibrate our groups understanding. Armed with that discussion and a stack of documentation, we then spent the next few days…

What I Have in Common with Johnny-5

Who is Johnny-5? A sentient robot from the 1986 movie Short Circuit.

Early in 2018, I attended an immersive bootcamp for UX Design through DevMountain in Salt Lake City. For the first day of class we were supposed to present on some pre-course work and our results from the personality test from I shared a general overview to the class but there was one specific line that stuck with me that I wanted to dive into a little deeper.

But First…Caveats

I’d say I’ve done an unusually high number of aptitude and placement tests over the years. They’ve mostly just been OK, but have provided some nice direction from time to time.


Family Bank Web App: Modern Money for Today’s Youth

Financial Literacy Challenge

This design challenge was given as a web-based tool to help counter falling financial literacy rates in the US.

Through research and interviews, we identified a specific audience in need and designed an educational strategy based around them. We also considered business needs and built a strategy for keeping the tool free to customers but still valuable for a business.

Solution Overview

Family Bank is a free resource to help parents introduce modern fiscal tools to their children in a fun, managed way. …

Abide App for Android: Live Better with Roommates

Obligatory pop culture reference

WARNING: This case study is very long and tedious—it was one of my first. Instead of rewriting it, I’m working on newer projects that will actually be built. Instead of deleting it, I’m leaving it up because I’m proud of the effort and result.

This is a case study and reflection of a three-week team design challenge while attending the immersive UX program at DevMoutain.

My team did a great job on this project. Although we each chose a different direction for the final visual design, those final steps would not have succeeded for me without all the patience and…

Evan Gardner

User experience and design thinking professional. Curious—with a love for technology, the social sciences and understanding nuance in counter-intuitive ideas.

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