This article makes me sad.
Marko Polojärvi

I agree with Marko. It’s one thing to be overweight and not have a body that’s proportionately perfect or sport an athletic body or a greek god’s physic, but “fat” is “BAD” because “fat” = “illness”. There’s a difference between “society” being hyper focused on “perfection” and people being concerned with “health”. We should NOT be accepting poor health as a rebellious “fuck you” to anyone who disagrees. Certainly, bullying people who suffer weight concerns is NOT the way to go. Certainly expecting everyone to have body like a Greek God is plain ‘ole ignorant and stupid. That’s why Lena Dunham (and others before her) is so awesome, because in her show, she OFTEN struts naked, in bathing suits, or clothing that might not be considered flattering. She’s not “fat”, but she is far from classically perfect. Her shape is more similar to the majority of women than any celebrity woman we see and strive to be everyday. Shame on people, acquaintances, colleagues, friends, family who ridicule, tease, shun and shame anyone who is struggling with maintaining a healthy body or with body image. We need to nurture each other and most definitely there needs to be more role models for people on what is imperfect yet still within the healthy spectrum. being fat = early death. There’s no question. I get it that many people do not want to have to pay for others illnesses that are a direct link to unhealthy living (usually associated with being “fat”) but, perhaps, if there WAS more nurtured and kinder medical attention to people who struggle with slow metabolisms or uneducated way of eating or other issues contributing to being “fat”, we’d not have the problem. Our Government spends too much money on a whole hell of a lot other unnecessary crap and too many people are saying, “I don’t want no government in my business, except when it comes to women’s reproduction” No wonder we’re all so mixed up about “how to live.” And then, when we allow Factory farming to turn our animals into antibiotic laced, hormone pumped, naturally occurring adrenaline laced pieces of shit, what do we expect? How can a human body be anything BUT an unhealthy, obese, health-resistant product of profits for the 1%? They WANT us to be unhealthy and die. it’s too much for the average person to wrap their brain about so, accepting things for what they are is the only fall back, easy-answer.

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