i’m all for beating up on Trump, but let’s not pretend that wage-theft-colluding, modern-day-slave…
Working Michael

it’s not so black and white as that though. You have a point Michael, however, it might help if you tried to juxtapose those points with the point of the OP. What I mean by that is, in THIS particular case, don’t you think Tim Cook is making a fairly principled case that protects us all in the long run? We all know if the government wins and an encryption buster is created we are indeed truly F*&ked! This is known. And honestly, when are we going to crack down own gun ownership and gun manufacturing? Should we just continue to allow anyone to get a gun without more rigorous background checks? Without proper training to own one? The statistics the writer posted were not made up, they were provided by a reputable government agency who did proper research showing the amount of killings with guns by average Americans. I know for a fact that suicide is VERY high among gun owners or people who get them! but, as far as Apple manufacturing a (desirable) product that’s made in China and the issues surrounding that, you are absolutely right, but perhaps a topic for a different conversation. At least SOME principles are being exercised here, perhaps after this is finished, it can used as a segue and model to remind Apple, we expect them, to show us all how principled they can be in all aspects of their brand.

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