The Decent White Woman Who Voted For Trump.
Elizabeth Grattan

The best thing this piece does is evoke strong feelings and show here that we are in, what I call, a big hot mess! There’s nothing wrong with what’s being stated while there’s “some” right statements. What the writer is saying, is based on subjective opinion. I mostly agree with it so, it becomes somewhat subjective for me as well. What’s so striking is what we’re seeing from the responses. Some very fierce feelings from both perspectives. The divide is there. There was already an invisible line between a certain group of liberals and the conservatives. There is a majority that makes up these groups, but it’s not by any means, the sum of the whole. Not ALL white women created Trump or voted for Trump. Not all Black people fear or hate white people. Certainly not all White people feel black people are inferior! It could, of course matter what area one lives in, what social class, economic bracket or career one works in that determines the sentiments, trust, friendships, etc. people of different shades mingle in. I am not a fan of lumping people into one basket, but that most definitely has changed since the culture of Trump has been unleashed in our society. We most definitely have a serious problem and it MUST change, NOW! I’m not completely opposed to calling people out on their racist hateful ignorant behavior but, I also think we as liberals need to find a better solution to the problem we’re facing in America! Maybe we can try to figure out that solution with the “idea” that Michelle Obama suggested, “when they go low we go high” but with a twist! Let’s try and stop pointing fingers at which demographic is the worst! Is it really about women vs men now? I think many of us have been trying hard to stop the white vs black problem, but sadly, that’s only not an issue in small area’s of the country and few places of employment. I can understand why a large number of black people would be angry at white people. But I have to be honest when I say, I struggle with this all the time. I am white, my husband is white and we do our best to support another community. We live int he most diverse region of the world and have friends and family members who are black. This year, as many others our Thanksgiving table usually has some diversity. We talk about “it” and strive for a world that will one day reach fairness and equality for all people, among many other important sociopolitical issues.

We have a major problem in America today! Mostly brought on by racist, sexist, uneducated, unwilling, angry people. Men, women, kids, etc. Pointing fingers at “White Women” might not be very helpful, unless you’re looking to stir the pot and start a revolution.

The one thing that I see as a problem with a piece like this, that expresses a great deal of rage at one single demographic is that it’s written by a woman who’s angry at other women of one shade because the write feels betrayed by “women.” It’s less about what white women did and more about how weak women in general are. One reason I believe so many women voted for Trump was because they were afraid to be identified with “the likes of” Hilary Clinton. Secretary Clinton is perceived as “old” “dumpy” “aggressive” “UNsexy” “manly” etc. etc. etc. too many women, particularly the highest demographic of white female voters which was “Single” probably won’t admit they did not want ANY man to see them in the same light they see Hilary Clinton! THAT is the major issue! Too Many women won’t admit to themselves they make their sexist decisions based on the perception of men first, then their racist decisions come into play. *sigh* things are pretty low right now…there’s no place but up! but those of the same mind, whatever your color, creed, gender, culture is, if the values, ethics, moral and dreams of tomorrow match let’s get together! Protect each other, fight together, speak up for one another! Be the person we want to be and the person we want out children to be!

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