Dear Humanity
Vicki Fletcher

This is a fantastic post Vicki Fletcher! Thank you for this simple letter to Humanity. If only everyone would make small changes in protest of these destructive things the people in power are doing to each of us, our planet, our animals, our values even. Even those of us who work hard to keep Humanity’s dignity in check, there is always more each individual can do. More voting for people who’s values are strong on a better world that doesn’t put money as God but as a means to be comfortable, not excessive. To stop buying so much meat which creates a dirty, cruel disgusting carbon footprint, to support income equality or even just be a kinder more forgiving person to everyone. it’s a HUGE TALL order. I get discouraged by the idea that there’s no turning back, there’s only forward until we implode or some aliens come and reprimand us by annihilating this stupid aggressive violent species. but, you know….this post you made, gives me hope.

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