Why Is Marching Band Never Recognized?
Skyrela Delgado

My daughter is competing at the Bands of America Grand Nationals in Indianapolis right now, with the William Mason High School Marching Band (from Ohio). I can assure you, marching band is more than just a sport. Marching band combines musicianship, artistry, athleticism, and teamwork. Just think about that for a moment and be proud.

The origin of marching bands in the US comes from how students showed their school spirit, and supported the football team at their event. Like cheerleading though, it has over time, grown way beyond football games.

Always keep in mind though, fans at football games are there to see football. Trust me, as a band parent, I get more than annoyed at football parents who stand up in front of you during a half time performance, or sit next to you shouting over the music to talk to other football parents.

But ultimately, a football game is their event. And because of the origin and tradition of marching band, you are at their event supporting them. Feel good about that!! Think of it as sharing your awesome talent for a good cause.

There are many football players who know this and appreciate it. If you’ve ever seen Ohio State post game coverage on TV, it’s a tradition that the players gather IN FRONT OF THE BAND! Come on! If that isn’t appreciation! As a football player, you’re very tired, badly need a shower, maybe even in a lot of pain, and what do you do? GO STAND IN FRONT OF THE MARCHING BAND AND SING ALONG WITH THEM! :)

And besides, you do have your own event. Band competitions! That is your sporting event where you’re the star! You have your own fans!! Your parents!! Yay!

I know you work hard and I’m positive it gets noticed, recognized, and most of all appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this helps. Good luck!

BTW I know some Mason football players are coming to Grand Nats on Saturday to cheer on our band! Yay!