I joined a Tango club because of EventKey

So I attended the Latino Startup Panel event on 3/1/17. It was an event that was EventKey compatible (Note: to list your events on EventKey visit geteventkey.com on you desktop computer 💻 and follow the steps).

I opened up EventKey and I noticed that a lady named “Marian M. Hanneken” listed herself as a professional violin teacher. I immediately approached her and we began talking about music. We made an instant connection because she informed me that she’s Colombian🇨🇴, and I’m Argentinean🇦🇷. (The photos below will show you exactly what I saw on my mobile phone when I was on EventKey).

Marian on the attendee list

Marian inivited me to attend the tango event that she would be playing at on 4/29/17. We smoothly exchanged contact info with one tap via EventKey (by clicking on “Send My Private Contact” button). Hence, we were able to keep in touch until the event thanks to this. No complicated business card exchange necessary. The video below is when I attended the event and it shows Marian playing the violin! 🎻 I ended up joining the tango club.

This is the power of EventKey. This connection would’ve likely never had happened if neither of us wouldn’t have gotten on EventKey at the event. Imagine how many quality connections and wonderful collaborative opportunities you’re missing out on by not using EventKey📱. Efficiently connect with the people that matter to you at events. Ask your event organizer to use EventKey at their events now. Send them an email with this blog post.