The Power of Event Marketing Automation

The field of Marketing Automation is growing at an unbelievable rate. The internet world is full of reasons of how and why Marketing Automation is changing the world. But what about Event Marketing Automation? Where is all the fuss about Event Marketing Automation? And what is the power behind it?

Event Marketing Automation, is marketing automation that specifically helps event marketers make their jobs easier. This can be by targeting campaigns to audience members, or through the automatic set up and management of emails, social blasts, and ads based on audience actions and behaviors. The bottom line is that measuring & tracking the activities of these individuals helps us send the right message at the right time — but sending thousands of messages at the right time is a herculean task for a marketing manager, so why not let Event Marketing Automation software take most of the load?

Adoption of Event Marketing Automation

On a whole many companies have adopted marketing automation, in a study done by the 2015 Marketing Technology Report they found that over 40% of respondents are using some sort of marketing automation. Many of those companies have seen significant benefits from automating the most time and labor intensive aspects of their jobs. For example:

“91% of the most successful users agree that marketing automation is “very important” to the overall success of their marketing across channels.” — Marketo & Ascend2 “Marketing Automation Strategies for Sustaining Success” (2015)

“Marketing automation is used by 42% of companies, CRM / sales automation systems by 54%, while Email marketing technology has the highest adoption. It is used by 82% of companies. “ — Ascend2 “Marketing Technology Strategy” (August 2015)

So why haven’t Event Marketers caught up and realized the power and importance of Event Marketing Automation?

The Power of Event Marketing Automation

Event marketing automation technology allows companies and brands to streamline, automate and measure task/workflows (such as email marketing, social media marketing, Ad Marketing, Content Management, and etc) so they can increase what is working and continue to grow their event audience and size, in less time and with less effort and lower costs.

In our present world technology is re-shaping the way we speak, engage, buy, design and market. And this is where the power lies, with our current technology it is able to collect much data & event data on our audiences that then in return we (event marketers) can use help us in how we market successfully.

Event Automation to the Rescue!

Let’s say you have a large expo, trade show, or conference coming up, and management has seen that your event has the potential to grow by double digits — increasing attendance, market share and revenue. What do you do? The same tired techniques you executed last year? That’d be nice…but last year you were tired, strung out and struggling to make enough time to brew a cup of coffee.

Figuring out what to do, and how to spend your time can be the hardest part. Event Marketing Automation is the solution — here’s a break down of how it can help you make this year’s event a blow-out success.

  • Automatically segmenting your audience, and showing you the most likely attendees
  • Providing a template for your marketing campaigns, to keep you one step ahead
  • Automated drip campaigns that adapt to your audience’s actions and interest levels
  • Give you the science behind what’s working, and what campaigns you should be spending your time on
  • Taking receptive tasks out of event marketers hands, allowing focus on the actual event planning tasks
  • Identifying the influencers, and targeting them better to become attendees and bring new prospects to your events
  • Improving the event attendee experience by adding a personal touch to your emails, like showing them more relevant content to their interests
  • Reduction of human error, and manual time invested in creating event campaigns — create it once, then set it and forget it

What Event Marketing Automation isn’t

Real quick, let’s clear the air and clarify what’s NOT Event Marketing Automation:

1) A solution that eliminates the need for marketers
Nobody knows your audience better than you. No piece of software can replace that kind of first-hand knowledge. What Event Marketing Software can do is help you be more effective at getting that message and content across to your audience.

2) Fancy Email Marketing or Spam marketing

3) An Event Marketing solution without any effort — sorry (not sorry)

The chief benefit of event marketing automation is improved lead management. We mean this in the form of scoring, audience/lead scoring, nurturing, segmentation, as well as improved email and other sorts of campaign workflow managements. Using automation to measure, track and properly engage these functions will help efficiency and help streamline the whole event marketing process. If those terms (Audience Scoring, Segmentation) sound foreign to you, visit one of our prior blog posts to learn more, here.


The real beauty & benefit of event marketing automation is that once in place, marketers can continuously improve and multiply their event marketing efforts.